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Cabaret Evening of Solo Piano and Stories By Robin Melroy Goldsby is a success!

Robin Goldsby Concert 2

The Munich International Women’s Club was fortunate to celebrate their 25th Anniversary by attending a Cabaret Evening of Solo Piano and Stories by Robin Melroy Goldsby on April 30th at the Steinway Haus.  Robin is a Steinway pianist who has enjoyed sold-out shows across Europe.  Her performance was nothing less than enchanting.  Her witty and entertaining stories about life as an American musician living and working in Germany touched the hearts of each of her listeners, had them reeling with laughter, and put them in a celebratory mood for the entire evening.  Her playfulness and camaraderie while sharing her narratives and memoirs made for an exceptional evening that will remain a fond memory.

Robin Goldsby Concert

In addition to the concert, Robin generously offered a writing workshop for the members of MIWC on the morning of the concert as another fundraiser.  Robin, an accomplished and published author as well as a musician, gave an inspirational workshop brimming with ideas for motivating the women to write.  She conducted a question and answer session that covered important topics for new writers such as how to find a suitable writing topic, how to perfect their craft,  tips for making their writing more effective, and suggestions on how to publish. Each woman was presented with a set of Robin’s guidelines and chiefly instilled in them a new perspective and confidence to begin writing.

Writing Workshop

The proceeds of this lively concert as well as a portion of her book and Music CD sales were donated to charity   One half of the proceeds went to MIWC charities and the other half was donated to the FAWCO Target Project.  Thanks to Margaret Hilditch and all the MIWC Concert Team who organized these successful events and raised approximately 3000 € for charity. 

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May Speaker: Anja Rosengart Introduces PARTicipation


Anja Rosengart will speak about her work with PARTicipation, an organization that works with families that have children with disabilities. PARTicipation aims to empower parents that may be facing discrimination, in order to become loving and strong allies to their child’s welfare. PARTicipation also aims to bring the idea of inclusion to society. Anja will speak about the idea of inclusion and it’s importance when engaging with families that have children with disabilities.


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FAWCO UPDATE APRIL 2015 – FAWCO Biennial Conference Recap 

FAWCO UPDATE APRIL 2015 – FAWCO Biennial Conference Recap 

“We return from the FAWCO 2015 Conference with renewed energy, enthusiasm and great ideas for the future!!”  So report the eight members of our club who attended the Conference in Rome, from 25-28 March.  The theme of this year’s conference was The Eternal Women: Equality, Protection & Empowerment and is a tribute to the international mandate to intensify awareness and action on the issue of Human Rights for Woman and Girls worldwide.  In addition to excellent speakers on this topic, we received thorough updates from the FAWCO Committee Members, FAWCO Foundation, the U.N. Reps and U.S. Liaison, and the Global Task Forces (Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights).  We also had a variety of workshops to choose from to share club best practices and learn from other clubs some ideas we can bring back to Munich.    

Here are just a few other comments from our members who attended:

“I was impressed with the high level of professionalism of all the many women running FAWCO and the conference and their dedication and commitment to FAWCO and FAWCO Foundation.”

“It was a great opportunity to network with members from other clubs around the world and I even found some global connections.”

“Now that I have attended the conference, I have a much better idea of all the wonderful things that FAWCO does and how great it is we are part of this larger group of 64 clubs worldwide.”

“It was very beneficial to me to share and learn about club practices, fund raising ideas and support of our committee teams.  I also came away feeling we are a very strong club and have many ideas to share with other clubs.” 

“There are many issues of the FAWCO Global Task force that are important to me.”   

For more information, please check out the website then click on Home, Conferences, Rome 2015.


Thanks to our MIWC club donation to the FAWCO Target Project in 2014 (voted by our club members) we have received a gold level award.  We have been placed on the FAWCO donor wall which you can see at

We will keep you updated on future FAWCO News! 



FAWCO Representative

MIWC Participates in Expat in the City Fair 2015

Thanks to 15 MIWC members who volunteered at our club booth at the Expat in the City Fair 2015.  This successful conference was a day full of information, inspiration and a great opportunity for participants to get in touch with the international community in Munich.  We also think we may have reached a few new potential members for our club. 

We thank the Expat in the City organization for providing a complimentary booth (as we are a not for profit organization) and we congratulate them for their success.  Below are a few statistics that verify the success of the conference.  We look forward to our relationship with this group in the future. 

Facts & Figures – VISITORS

2552 tickets ordered via website

1138 tickets scanned at the door

327 visitors without pre-ordered tickets

100 visitors without ticket

1565 visitors (total)


3 partners

3 sponsors

50 stands

9 non-profit organizations

278 people at stands


27 workshops, presentations and expert talks

6 performances

25 performers

Approx. 800 visitors attended a part of the Program

For more information check out their Facebook account Expat in the City Fair!  Our club contacts are Teresa Saunders and Hope Moore

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Monthly MIWC General Meeting – April 8

Our speaker for the April 8th meeting will be Kit Hopkins, from the German film industry.

She has been living in Munich for 35 years. During that time worked as a model, fashion editor at German Vogue, fashion video anchorwoman, stylist, travel and life style journalist for American and German publications, screenwriter and film school lecturer.

Her presentation will concentrate on her last two “hats” in Germany: screenwriting for both TV and cinema and teaching film school students how to write comedy.

Kit has two children, both living in Berlin and working in the field of media, one as a producer, the other as a film editor.

kit Hopkins

Additional information regarding Kit’s work:



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