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Strength of A Woman FAWCO Tour: Rwanda

FAWCO’s Human Rights Task Force presents 


Since the genocide that tore Rwanda apart twenty years ago, this tiny African country has become a model for the involvement of women in all levels of government. Women have been at the heart of the country’s recovery. While over 60% of the Rwandan Parliament is made up of women, violations of their human rights is still an issue for many Rwandan women. Women Peace and Conflict Committee Chair Therese Hartwell visited Rwanda in September 2014 on a Friendship Tour. Her experience led to the idea of organizing an educational trip for FAWCO members to learn about women’s leadership, women’s rights, and what women’s organizations are doing in this fascinating country. Continue reading

Protected: July 2015 Birthdays

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July/August News

July and August Activities

It’s amazing how time flies, we are halfway through 2015.  The rhythm of the club slows down, but there are still many activities and events every week for those of us who are in Munich. Summer is in full swing, the days are long, lovely and warm and the beer gardens and lakes are inviting. Lots of you are heading away and for those staying here we hope you will join us in our activities or even try something new.

Some of these events are drop in and others require some advance planning. In either case, please be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the page where we keep the news on upcoming tours and deadlines.

Please use the third quarter password – The new password will start  in July

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Milan Expo Trip


Fun opportunity for a weekend in Italy! Travel to the Milan Women for Expo with Berr Reisen, the tour company we’ve used before with trips to Verona, Venice, and the Almabschied.

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Monthly MIWC General Meeting – July 8


Our speaker for the July 8th meeting will be Sabine Roseburg, an MIWC member, who will speak about the wellness therapy method of ‘Rolfing’ and its growing popularity in both German fitness studios and the German press.

For the past nine years, Sabine has worked with clients to focus on the connective tissue in the body, also known as fascia. During the July MIWC meeting, members can Continue reading

Joint Event with our Sister Club in Augsburg: King Tut Exhibit

king-tutThe Augsburg International Women’s Club has invited us to join them when they go to the King Tut exhibit on Saturday, 27 June, 11am, at the Kleine Olympiahalle. Click here for more info.

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Update Frauenhaus

The ladies and children of the Frauenhaus are very grateful for our generous donations. Currently there are 19 women and 25 children residing in the house. In April one of the ladies gave birth to a new baby so there is a great atmosphere of love and mutual support amongst the mothers.

At the moment clothing is needed for both the ladies and children, please remember these should be seasonal and lightly worn. Bicycles for children are also needed since the children like to take them with them when they leave the Frauenhaus. Toys are also welcome except for soft toys (Pluschtiere) and books for state health regulation reasons. Please do not donate any shoes unless they are brand new.

Thank you for your kind support!

Protected: MIWC Oktoberfest Luncheons 2015

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Garden Day 2015

After a week of heavy rain we were able to reschedule the Garden Day at the Frauenhaus.  The director Sibylle and her team including a former Frauenhaus resident helped us plant the new flowers in planters, balcony boxes and in the garden. Continue reading


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