February 2013 Speakers – Betty Camacho & Wendi Boxx

Given the International Women’s Club emphasis on women, education and empowerment, you will not want to miss
the February meeting!

Come hear from our own member Betty Camacho & Wendi Boxx tell about their involvement and trips to India to see first hand the work being done at the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, an NGO which runs a girls school in Anupshahar, Uttar Pradesh.

Here, deep in provincial India, a world away from the rapid modernization that we see taking place there today, you will be inspired by the story of “Sam” Singh, the industrialist turned idealist who returned to his hometown village with the task to educate the rural Indian girl child. Through this mission to educate girls in the countryside, Pardada Pardadi has started a movement that is literally transforming one of the poorest areas of India.   You will be touched by the story of the 1,118 girls currently getting an education in an environment where once there was no chance to dream.

This school is giving these amazing young girls the opportunity to shine.  More importantly these gifted young women are being given a voice to declare defiantly: “I AM NOT A BURDEN.”  Please come and learn more about how you can aid in the education of the most marginalized girl children and about current volunteer opportunities!

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