April General Meeting Speaker: Wendy Williams

On April 10, Wendy Williams will speak to us about intercultural relationships, which is the topic of her book The Globalisation of Love.

Wendy has lived
in six different
 countries and worked internationally for 18 years. She has had lots of
multicultural relationships, however revealing the exact number would be 
unladylike, wouldn’t it? Wendy is Canadian, from the same small town in 
Northern Ontario as Shania Twain she is proud to say, and has been married 
to an Austrian for thirteen years. She lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband and their daughter.

Wendy has a Bachelor’s degree from Canada, a Master’s degree from
 Switzerland and a Doctorate from Austria.  During maternity leave from her
work in sustainable development, Wendy wrote The Globalisation of Love.

The book was published on November 13th, 2011, Wendy’s 13th wedding 
anniversary with her husband. It is based on dozens of interviews with multicultural couples from around the world.  The book includes chapters on multicultural 
weddings, religion, race, food, language and children and much more. It is
 both humorous and factual, and Wendy includes personal anecdotes from her own 
experience in a multicultural family.

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