May general meeting speaker: Dr. Jane E. Dum

Dr. Jane E. Dum

On May 8th, Dr. Jane will speak to us about her work as a counselling psychotherapist.

Jane grew up in New England and moved to Munich in 1972. She has a BS and a MA in Psychology from the USA and a doctorate from Germany. At the start of her career she was particularly interested in the biological basis of behaviour and spent ten years altogether at the University of Chicago and at the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry doing research in neurobiology.

She decided to enter clinical work after the birth of
her two children and gained clinical experience working with the American Military, did research on personality disorders and completed a five year program for certification in counselling psychology. After raising her children, and getting a divorce from her Austrian husband, she received her license from the Bavarian Government and opened her practice in 1997.

She is a certified cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist and emotion-focused therapist for singles and couples. She has treated and helped over a thousand individuals and couples with a wide variety of problems. She prides herself on a flexible, eclectic way of working, rather than on a rigid adherence to any specific school of psychotherapy.

For those who were requesting Dr. Jane’s contact details, here they are:

Dr. Jane Elizabeth Dum
American Psychotherapist
Psychologische Psychotherapeutin
Therapie in English and Deutsch
am Karlstor/Stachus Neuhauser Str. 47
80331 Munich
Tel: +49 (0) 89-1233824

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