July Speaker: Rachel Moss – Bringing out the Goddess in You

Our July 10, 2013 Monthly Meeting speaker is Rachel Moss.  Originally from Devon in the South West of England, Rachel lived in London for over a decade, managing a successful career as a model and later a fashion seller working for leading fashion brands such as Betty Barclay, Paul Costello, Laura Ashley and Marks & Spencer as well as Television commercials and modeling for the U.S shopping network Q.V.C and recently the German network HSE24.

Experience taught Rachel that not every body can wear everything (not even models!) and that our bodies are as unique and as individual as we are. Putting her experience to good use, She qualified as an Image Consultant in 2006 in order to help others implement positive changes to their image in personal; professional and social context in a friendly, non judgemental environment.
In 2009 She moved to Munich to be with her husband where she continues to run personal shopping trips, colour analysis and style workshops.

Rachel will talk about ”bringing out the goddess in you” – It is about accepting and embracing yourself as you are right now. It is about enhancing your best features and learning to disguise those things that you are not so happy with.  The Media make it their business to promote an impossible ‘ideal’ of what women SHOULD look like, not what they DO. Our self worth is not measured by our character, achievements or intelligence but by our body size and shape.
No matter what age, shape or size we may be, we should ALL give ourselves ‘permission’ to look and feel our very best!

Rachel Moss Style Consultant
Thierschstrasse 1
80538 München


”No one is looking at your imperfections, they’re all too busy looking at their own!”

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