Message from the MIWC President – FUN!

October 2013


A new member told me last week how much fun she’s having getting to know Munich through all the events, activities and people in our club.  And isn’t that the truth?!!  So as the days shorten and the temperatures dip, let’s remember to celebrate the fun we have together.

FUN!  Meeting for a coffee and a chat first thing on Monday mornings at the Weekly Café.

FUN!  Kicking the leaves on a beautiful autumn walk along the
Isar with the walking group.

FUN!  Discussing books of all kinds at the English and German book groups.

FUN!  Discovering new restaurants and foods in Munich.

FUN!  Learning about South African foods and … wine!

FUN!  Creating and baking for the Christmas bazaar on Nov. 16.

FUN!  Shopping at the Christmas bazaar.

FUN!  Playing bridge and Mah Jongg.

FUN!  Practicing German, English, Spanish and French with native speakers.

FUN!  Exploring the famous Hundertwasser Tower.

FUN!  Hearing about the relationship between music and healing at our October general meeting.

FUN!  Working on a project or team, learning a new skill as a committee team member.

FUN!  Meeting new people from all over the world at our club events and activities.

FUN!  The smiles and warm greetings wherever and whenever we meet one another.

May our club bring much fun and joy, new experiences and friends, to each of you,

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