Message from Liz December 2013

Following on the heels of this week’s wonderful Christmas luncheon and fun quiz game hosted by ‘all other’ nationalities, here is a MIWC Christmas quiz for our members.

1. Did anyone who attended the Christmas luncheon have a spare centimeter of
space in their stomachs after all the tasty goodies prepared for us?
a. No
b. Nein

2. How many nationalities came together to give us such a delightful celebration and time together to fill our spirits and hearts?

3. How noisy are 100+ happy women at a Christmas party in a church basement?
a. Loud

4. How much money did our members donate at the Christmas luncheon to the Frauenhaus mothers to buy Christmas gifts for their children?
a. €100
b. €300
c. €1858

5. How can we say thank you to all who contributed their time, cooking, energy and love to our celebration?
a. Just do it!

So … thank you all!  For the party, for the fabulous donations to Frauenhaus, for a great 2013 for the MIWC.

I wish each and every MIWC member and alumna a joyful Christmas holiday season, safe and easy travels, time with family and friends, and opportunities to relax and do what is important and meaningful to you.

See you at the AGM on Jan. 8!

With love and peace,

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