FAWCO Report January 2014

Dear All,

This has been a busy January for our collaborations between MIWC & FAWCO.  Here are some of the things we have been working on:

  • We have submitted a Development Grant Application to FAWCO Foundation for the Frauenhaus to request funding for a Wen-Do assertiveness/self-defence weekend program. This is something that Frauenhaus believes will empower the women they support. Voting will take place in February and the winner will be announced at the FAWCO Annual Conference, March 13-15.
  • One of our MIWC members has submitted an excellent Educational Grant Application for her University Degree Program. The winner for this award will also be announced at the FAWCO Annual Conference.
  • It is time once again to buy your raffle tickets for the beautiful hand made quilt. The handmade square contributions come from more than 50 women from clubs all around the world. Then our very own Roberta Zoellner puts the colourful quilt together with beautiful finishing touches.  A lovely photo will be available soon.  Each year the quilt is raffled to raise funds for the FAWCO Foundation. Last year Margaret collected more than €300 which was given to the FAWCO Foundation as part of their fund raising efforts. Any member of any club can buy tickets. These are available now on the website; however, I have printed some which I will bring to activities and meetings over the next 2 months. One ticket costs €5, but if you buy five tickets they will be at the bargain price of €20. The winning ticket will be drawn at the Foundation Fundraising evening in Brussels.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOUR REVIEW THIS MONTH!! You have the opportunity to vote on the new target project for the next two years which focuses on rights for women.  FAWCO has announced the short list of nominees for the Target Project as follows:
  1. Women’s Microfinance Initiative, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda . submitted by: AWG Paris, Joan Burns
  2. Free The Girls: Fight Human Trafficking, Mozambique , Uganda , Kenya and El Salvador , submitted by: AW Surrey, Catherine Marland
  3. Project Dignity: Empowering Liberia ‘s Women, submitted by: AIWC Cologne, Tricia Saur.

I personally encourage you to learn more about these projects and their sponsoring organizations through the Project Summary and Video Presentation links provided below. I was very moved and inspired by the video presentations & proposals, not only with the good work that is being done to empower women around the world but also the professionalism of the videos and proposals. After reviewing the materials, please send me your vote for the project you would like to see at the Target Project for the next 2 years. Please e-mail this by 12 February to hope.moore@t-online.de

There are so many wonderful things going on between MIWC and FAWCO. Thanks for all your involvement and support! I look forward to receiving your votes for the Target Project 2014-15.  I will continue to keep you up to date on many of the ongoing projects with FAWCO.

MIWC FAWCO Representative

Women’s Microfinance Initiative:
(Supplementary Info:  FAWCO Grant funds will be targeted to turn 3 pilot village programs into full WMI loan hubs, giving thousands of women a chance to work their way out of extreme poverty.)

Free the Girls: Fight Human Trafficking  &  
Project Dignity: Empowering Liberia ‘s Women:
(Project Dignity video can be found after Free the Girls video has completed.)

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