Message from Liz, January 2014

To all those whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure of greeting in person, I wish you a belated and very ‘Happy New Year!’ Our club certainly hit the 2014 ground running at our AGM held on 8 January with a record number of members attending: 70! Committee team members Peggy Dauser from Finance and Jane Romain and Teresa Saunders from Charity/Frauenhaus worked over the Christmas holidays to prepare for the AGM; special appreciation to them for their excellent presentations. To Margaretha Gheyson as AGM secretary and Jane Schultz-Hood as AGM chairperson go our thanks as well.

With so many of you having been present at the AGM, I’ll include in this ‘Message from Liz’ just the opening of my chairperson’s report. The complete text is available as a PDF at the bottom of this post.

This has been a very successful year for the MIWC, and I want to thank each of you for your contributions and energy, ideas and hard work, and most of all … for your participation in our club. The motto of the MIWC is camaraderie, culture and charity. We are primarily a social club, and we also give back to our community, country and internationally through donations of time, energy and money. One indicator of our success as a club is our continued upward trend in membership … at the end of 2013, we had approximately 250 active members from almost 30 countries. But a more important measure of success is the very positive and inclusive feeling of our club. We are a touchstone and gathering group for short- and long-term expatriates as well as our many German members. I am proud to be part of this group of strong, interesting, open and kind women.

We are all now looking very much forward to this year’s ‘Auction of Talents’ on 15 March. Hope Moore and her team are hard at work with their preparations and have already received many wonderful offers from our members of special meals, activities, hikes, lessons, birdwatching, yoga, ceramics…just a few to tease, tempt, and trigger your own ideas of offers to contribute to this very popular biannual event. Silent auction items are always popular as well. For more information and the ‘Auction’ donation form, see the posts on this topic in your weekly blog summary, or contact the ‘Auction’ team at Deadline 17 February.

Hope to see you all soon … and stay warm!

Click here to read the full chairperson’s report

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