Dear MIWC Members,

We come back with great news from the FAWCO Annual Conference.

1) Our Frauenhaus Development Grant for Assertiveness Training was a winner with the most votes from FAWCO member clubs! As the winner, Frauenhaus will now receive $4,500 from the FAWCO Foundation to send women from the Frauenhaus to this training chosen by the Frauenhaus professional staff. Their children take part in enhancement programs at the time of the training.

2) Our member, Madaline Keros, was selected as the winner of the University Degree Study program Award in support of her studies at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, majoring in Italian, minoring in Language, Culture & Literature and Intercultural Communication. Join me in congratulating Madaline on her well deserved Educational Award. She will receive $5,000 from the FAWCO Foundation to go towards her studies.

Margaret Hilditch has won the quilt in this year's raffle!

Margaret Hilditch has won the quilt in this year’s raffle!

3) To top it off, the raffle for the FAWCO Quilt (designed by our very own Roberta Zollner) was won by our Margaret Hilditch!! So, the quilt is coming home!!

It was also announced that “Free the Girls” had the most club votes and will be the 2014-2015 Target Project. For more information on all of these awards and much more, you can go to www.fawcofoundation.org or www.fawco.org Again, congratulations to our winners and all those who have supported them in their successful efforts! Hope FAWCO Representative

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