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As the MIWC continues to grow with new members, new leadership, and new ideas, it’s a good time to take the opportunity to clarify the club’s policies on what can be posted on the club’s website and social sites, including how members can offer items for sale and publicize their businesses.

The MIWC is an inclusive and welcoming social club, with informal networking taking place through conversations and word of mouth. Many of our members sell goods and services that are interesting and worthwhile to others in the club. However, the club’s meetings, mailing list, and website postings cannot be used to promote or advertise a member’s business. To do so not only jeopardizes our not-for-profit Verein status but is against the culture and purpose of the club.

The club’s website is the official communications platform for the club, containing general information for visitors and password-protected areas for members and registered pending members only.

The club’s social platforms, Google group and Facebook, are used for communication between registered members and to post offers of items for sale, tickets, concerts, exhibitions and cultural events. The member who makes the post can be contacted directly for more information. Short descriptions of services and items from a member’s business can be posted, but no pricing information can be included.

Members may also choose to support our charities and provide exposure to their businesses by donating goods and services to the Auction of Talents and Christmas bazaar.

This policy will be added to the club’s Administrative Guidelines, to be found on the website, and may be revised as necessary. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me (chair@internationalwomensclub.org).


Liz Janson



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  1. Liz, thanks for this reminder!! It has been a long standing policy and also protects our tax exempt status that we do not advertise in our communications, With our club growing and modernizing with new technology, this is a good time for a reminder. Thanks!! Hope

  2. Good idea, Liz… Some recent notices seemed to contain one or two commercials rather than activities. The Club’s fundraising opportunities and/or General Meeting guest speakers would seem to be a more appropriate avenue for highlighting these events/services.
    Bonnie Blanchard

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