Wishing everyone a very happy May. Our FAWCO membership continues to offer our members many opportunities. This month I would like to highlight;

• Photo Competition for Backing Women
• Donate New or Slightly Used Bras to Support Free the Girls Target Project at the May Monthly Meeting
• Youth Program deadline for Application May 15th
• Regional Conference in Hamburg this November!!

To support The FAWCO Foundation Target Fundraising Campaign, Backing Women, The Foundation will be sponsoring A PHOTO COMPETITION open to FAWCO members and their immediate family. The Theme is; How does “Backing Women” inspire you? Let your camera’s lens “paint” your own picture. Photos should reflect what Backing Women means to the photographer. This is a great opportunity for our members and family members to submit their creative photo works! For more information, go to www.fawcofoundation.org and click on the photo contact button.

To support Free the Girls we will be collecting new and slightly used bras at the next few monthly meetings, starting this May. If you have bras to donate, please bring them to the meeting and leave them at the FAWCO table next to the books.

The deadline for the Cultural Volunteers Program in Shanghai (July 18-27) is May 15!! With just a few days remaining, check out the program for your teenage children or grandchildren to take place this year with families living in Shanghai. You find all the details at fawco.org

The Region 5 Conference for Austria and Germany is November 14-16, in Hamburg, Germany, hosted by AWC Hamburg. For those of you interested in learning more about FAWCO, meeting some of the dynamic women who volunteer for FAWCO and also would like to visit the wonderful city of Hamburg, consider joining us at this conference. Contact me at hope.moore@t-online.de for more information.

Don’t forget to check out all of the latest news from FAWCO at fawco.org

FAWCO Representative


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