Message from Liz May 2014

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Hello MIWC members and visitors,

There is much good news and important information to share in this merry month of May! Read along for some highlights…

We have all long known that dozens of happy women catching up from the past month’s activities and travels can create a rather loud buzz in the basement of Peace Church where we hold our general meetings. Peace Church has graciously agreed to allow us to use the spacious church sanctuary for the speaker’s part of our meeting from June on. We will still gather in the basement for coffee and chatting at 10, before moving upstairs about 10:45. We are so grateful for the continued excellent relationship between Peace Church and our club. If you run into either Pastor Junginger or Pastor Christine, please be sure to thank them for this great new opportunity for our meetings!

And speaking of opportunities, through the success of our recent fun-raisers, the club is in the position to share some of our good fortune. Any member who has a charity project they’d like to be considered for a donation from our club, has the chance to submit an application for consideration by the Charity team and selection by members. The application has been posted on the website. Please contact Jane Romain or Teresa Saunders with any questions:

In response to several comments and emails, a small team of members from several nationalities met recently to review how the club does our annual Christmas luncheon. They have spoken informally with many members about their ideas and suggestions, and have come up with a couple of different options for this year’s event. There will be a special post on the website with this information, so stay tuned!

And finally, the club has two social networking opportunities: Facebook and a Google Group. Check the website for more information on joining these members-only groups. A nice way to keep in touch, share photos, opportunities for events, tickets, etc.!

I wish you all a good May and hope to see you soon before we all head out on summer travels.


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