With Oktoberfest 2014 now a memory, we have lots of Autumn Activities to look forward to, including many great opportunities with our FAWCO membership. During September and early October many FAWCO volunteers have been busy working on FAWCO projects. Please review the following items. There may be a way you wish to get involved in a FAWCO volunteer activity!

We are very excited to have 8 members from our club attending the FAWCO Region 5 Conference in Hamburg on Friday to Sunday 14-16 November 2014. We encourage everyone who is interested to join us!! The theme of the conference is “Living Globally” of interest to all of us. To learn more, review the agenda (information & training sessions, FAWCO updates, clubs exchange of ideas, a tour of Hamburg and much more) and register to attend, please visit the American Women’s Club of Hamburg website http://www.awchamburg.org For more information and to coordinate with our group please contact me at hope.moore@t-online.de

Soon the FAWCO Foundation will announce the 2015 Development Grants and Educational Awards. Last year we were very successful and our Development Grant for the Frauenhaus was selected. Also, our member Madaline Keros was selected to receive an Educational Award. As a member, you are eligible to apply, as well as your children and grandchildren. Some of the Educational Awards include IT Award, Arts Award, Sciences Award, Humanities Award, Dual Cultural Award, University Degree Award and Skills Enhancement Award. Development Grants focus on Education, Environment, Health and Human Rights. All the details of these Awards will be announced later this month. I will update everyone as soon as details are available. In the meantime, please go to http://www.fawcofoundation.org (our programs) to learn more!

Thanks to all of you who donated bras to support the FAWCO Foundation Target Project “Backing Women”. This summer our President, Liz, delivered more than 100 bras to the headquarters of “Free the Girls” in Denver and they were very thankful. We will continue to collect new and slightly used bras at our monthly meetings. There is still time to enter the Photo Competition, “How Does Backing Women Inspire You?” For much more information on all of this. please go to http://www.fawcofoundation.org and click on Fundraising Tools.

Finally, please do have a look at the www.fawco.org website! There is so much there for all members. If you have not yet registered on the website it is easy to do and all MIWC members are automatically members of FAWCO. You may also wish to subscribe to FAWCO publications of interest to you.

Please contact me at any time for further information about FAWCO!
Hope & The FAWCO Team

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