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New to Munich with time on your hands? Interested in giving back to your community? Looking to meet new people? Dozens of organizations presented information on volunteer opportunities at a volunteer fair at the Gasteig recently. Some organizations can use non-German speaking volunteers and many, many more would like you to have a good command of the German language. If you are interested in volunteering on either an occasional basis or a regular basis, you may indeed find an organization here that matches your interests.

This organization matches volunteers with mother of newborn babies. The volunteer agrees to spend 2-3 hours a week for 3 – 6 months, helping out with the baby to give the mother a few hours of respite. This might involve watching the baby sleep while the mother recovers, taking the baby for a walk, entertaining the other siblings, accompanying a mother of twins to the pediatrician’s office, etc.
They definitely are interested in English-speaking volunteers and will try to place you with a family in your general area of Munich.
Please contact Ulrike Krus Tel: 089 18 94 71 22.

Integrative Montessori Volksschule
A Montessori school for grades 1- 10 is seeking volunteers 55+ for projects with the students. German is the preferred language for the volunteers (though English is welcome in the upper grades). This is a German language school.  Share a hobby, handicraft, sports activity, etc. This does not require a regular commitment, just the time it takes to complete a project. 55+ is a requirement.
Please contact: Anke Könemann Tel: 089 90 90 178-55 or wdg@montessori-muenchen.de

Oxfam Deutschland
Oxfam runs charity shops at several locations in Munich. They are looking for volunteers to work in the shops, generally for 5 hours a week. This might be a good opportunity to improve your German, as you interact with other volunteers and customers.
Please contact Hazel Schauss at 089 70 91 70

Special Olympics – Bayern
The opportunities with Special Olympics-Bayern for English-speaking volunteers would likely be one-time opportunities, such as helping with drinks or food at event. You can contact them at info@specialolympics-bayern.de.

Green City
Green City is an environmental group with a number of diverse activities. Opportunities to garden, help with a variety of festivals, participate in clothing swaps, etc. No on-going commitment required. Contact: http://www.greencity.de

They have an initiative called ‘Today an Angel’ which connects
volunteers to a wide variety of social organizations, a bit like a
volunteering ‘agency’. They produced a leaflet printed in different
languages including English, so they obviously accept English-speaking volunteers. http://www.Gute -Tat.de

Caritas is an active religious organization with locations throughout the Munich area. English- or French-speaking volunteers are currently needed to work with refugees.
http://www.caritasmuenchen-freiwilligendienste.de Tel: 089 590 68 23 11

An organisation that receives, sorts and gives clothes, furniture and
household goods to refugees in Munich. They need help with
distribution of clothes to the people (refugees) who come to their
centre. English speakers welcome. Volunteers needed
daytime Tues 1-4pm and Weds-Fri 9-12 at their centre near
Address: Kleiderkammer, Seidlstrasse 4, diakonia-Haus, 2.Stock, 80335.
Tel: 089-12 15 95-74.

Tatendrang München
This is a volunteer clearinghouse that matches volunteers to organizations that request volunteers. They have some opportunities for limited-German speakers, but the more German you speak, the more likelihood of an appropriate match.
Contact: tatendrang@freiwilligenagentur.de

This organization works with school-age children. Volunteers meet once a week with a student to help with their English schoolwork. A year’s commitment is desired.

Projekt-Laden International Haidhausen
Works with refugees in Munich as a Volunteer mentor to school age children, helping with integration, homework, outings etc. German language skills necessary. http://www.projekt-laden.de Tel: 089 48 36 68

Peace Church, where MIWC meets, needs several volunteers to work with one of the Church members to sort clothing and other donations and to set them out for refugees to look through when they are in need of clothing and simple household items.  This is about a once a month activity – a couple of hours or so at a time. Please contact Pastor Christine at peacechurch@mnet-online.de
Special thanks to Alison Rolle for her help gathering information. If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Saunders charity@internationalwomensclub.org

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  1. We’re happy to involve volunteers in our community center as well. We have many English speaking families. http://www.elki-schwabing.de

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