Call for Participants: Member Showcase for the June MIWC Monthly Meeting

The Program Committee for the MIWC Monthly Meetings would like to showcase the experiences, stories, and talents of fellow members at the June meeting in lieu of the monthly speaker. The committee will select three participants to speak for about 15 minutes each about a topic they would like to highlight. Examples of topics of past participants in the Member Showcase include exciting travels, volunteer experiences, interesting hobbies, etc.  If you are interested in participating, please send a one paragraph description of your topic to no later than April 30.  Questions about the Showcase can also be sent to the above email address.  It’s always fascinating to hear about all of the amazing activities that MIWC members are involved with – we look forward to hearing more from all of you!

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  1. Hello there,

    My name is Shirley Cooke and I have been thinking about offering to talk at the June meeting about a year I spent in China in 2005, teaching English as a foreign language. Because I will be away in June for some of the time, can you let me know the date of the meeting please, and can you also tell me if there is a data projector – I have many photos of this time (not surprisingly) and thought it might be a good idea to have some being projected as I talked, if you wanted me to of course!

    The other possible talk I could give would be about a school that a friend of mine has set up in Tanzania – it has been going since 2003, and now has around 2000 students, all of them sponsored by people in Australia and the US mostly. The story of this school and the support it gets and its vision is extraordinary – I went there in 2004, and have followed its development with great interest.

    Naturally I can give more details if the date doesn’t conflict with my commitments in June.

    Cheers, Shirley


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