Strength of A Woman FAWCO Tour: Rwanda

FAWCO’s Human Rights Task Force presents 


Since the genocide that tore Rwanda apart twenty years ago, this tiny African country has become a model for the involvement of women in all levels of government. Women have been at the heart of the country’s recovery. While over 60% of the Rwandan Parliament is made up of women, violations of their human rights is still an issue for many Rwandan women. Women Peace and Conflict Committee Chair Therese Hartwell visited Rwanda in September 2014 on a Friendship Tour. Her experience led to the idea of organizing an educational trip for FAWCO members to learn about women’s leadership, women’s rights, and what women’s organizations are doing in this fascinating country.

The trip is scheduled for October 25-November 1 with optional add-ons before and after the main trip. Please see links below for details. Please email Therese Hartwell at  with any questions and let her know if you are interested in the October trip.

Participating members are welcome to bring a spouse and/or a friend. Older children will be considered on an individual basis. Please note that the itineraries and pricing are subject to change until the time of booking, and minor changes to the itinerary may be necessary.

For more information – and to meet the deadline that is coming up rapidly on 15th July, see the FAWCO website.


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