Charity Update

The Frauenhaus needs Winter clothing for women and children. If you have gently used items to donate, please bring them to the monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 14.
I have made a list of the items they can use as well as what they do not want. Please take note. Thank you for supporting the Frauenhaus.


Yes – seasonally appropriate Food – All Year – unopened, not post expiration date Toiletries – All Year Maybe – contact charity team No – Not needed
shirts vegetable soup packets shampoo eating utensils x-mas
blouses meatless spaghetti sauce shower gel plates, bowls, cups tchotchkes
skirts rice toothbrushes baby clothes baking pans
dresses biscuits body lotion toys microwave ovens
sweaters coffee pods hair brushes toasters men’s clothes
bathrobes tea combs stuffed animals
suitcases sugar hotel slippers shoes
hairdryers canned tomatoes conditioner
towels chocolate toothpaste
sheets pretzels
induction stove pasta
pots and pans
children’s clothes

seasonally appropriate clothes, i.e. coats, jackets, hats and gloves in winter


Additionally, this year’s Munich “Aktionswochen” program against violence towards women, girls and boys will take place from 5th November to 1st December, 2015.

The program includes a large variety of events from art exhibits, workshops, films, lectures with discussion panels and readings. Registration is necessary for some events. Teresa Saunders will have brochures available at Wednesday’s meeting.

Frauenhaus Director Sibylle Stotz has requested our support for the flashmob on Wednesday 25th November at 12:45pm.
Meeting point is at the Marienhof, directly behind the town hall (Rathaus). This is the square between Weinstrasse and Residenzstrasse across from Dallmayr. Please bring a pot and wooden spoon so you can join the drumming as the ladies assemble to form the female gender symbol against violence.

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