Final call for donations – Auction of Talents

Thank you to our members for the many generous donations that we have already received!!

To others, it is not too late to donate your talents, seek someone else’s talent, or offer something for the Silent Auction. The deadline for YOUR Auction donation is 9 February 2016. Please consider what you can donate to this wonderful day and the MIWC major fundraising event for 2016.

Listed below are some of the Auction Items that have been offered. As you review the list, perhaps you will be inspired to make your own contribution and then mark your calendar to come along to this entertaining event to see friends and bid on items at the Auction on Wednesday 9 March at the Peace Church!

Auction items include: 
*Dinner BBQ at Members Home
*Citizen Science Bird Walk
*Raclette Luncheon
*Tennis Lessons
*Photography Classes
*Yoga classes
*Cooking classes including American Desserts, Italian Antipasti
*Private Piano Concert at your House
*Michelin Star Trained Chef Cooks for Four
*Asparagus Dinner
*Musical Entertainment Evenings
*Pamper yourself with a Massage and Rolfing Sessions
*Voice Lesson
*Special Rooftop British Tea Party
*Art History Course for a Semester
*German Lessons
*Overnight Stay in a Beautiful Area of Southern Bavaria
*International Candlelight Dinner
*Alpine Walk
*Attend an Open Professional Opera Rehearsal
*Piano Concert and
*Knit Jewry Workshop
*Persian Cuisine Dinner Party
*Computer Tutoring
*Tea and Entertainmen
*Quilting Workshop
*Voice Lessons… And so much more!!!

What a wonderful list, but we are not finished collecting talents. Please consider what you can give and remember that all of the profits will go to MIWC charities.

To donate or request a talent we ask that you complete the Auction Donation Form available on the Website no later than 9th February and please forward your completed forms to If you prefer we can send you a form. Just contact us at  If you have any questions or suggestions you can also contact Hope any time at

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE as we look forward to this wonderful event!!!


How about something for the Silent Auction: This year at the Silent Auction we have special Art Work by members, both paintings and ceramics. Baskets are very popular and so far this year we have French Gourmet Goodies Basket and a Beauty Basket. Please consider if you have any international food that you can contribute to a basket. We currently are working on an American Food Basket and an International Food Basket. Please let us know by 9 February if you have anything to share and we can arrange a pick up.

Other ideas for Baskets
– Chocolate Lovers
– Other Nationality Specific Food Baskets
– Movie Night
– Get Fit
– Wine Package
– Dinner for 2 or Romance theme….

Get together with friends and donate a few of your favourite items. You can even bring the items to the February AGM/Monthly Meeting or we can arrange pick up.

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