Please vote! FAWCO Development Grants

2016 Development Grants Ballots Available for MIWC Members to Vote !
The FAWCO Foundation is pleased to present the nominees for the 2016 Development Grants. Twenty projects have been nominated in eight categories. As a member of FAWCO, MIWC has the opportunity to submit one vote in each category.

As a member of MIWC, you are also a FAWCO member and thus you have the opportunity to review the proposed Development Grants for 2016 and make your vote. We will then tally the votes and submit the result from our club vote based on the “winning” votes each of you submits. Thank you to Saskia Akyil who has set up the attached Survey Monkey so that all members have one vote.  Please click on this link:
and take the time to read the summaries before making your selections; as with every year, each nominee offers something special.   Please note that our club has submitted in the category of AW of Survey Hope Through Education – Promoting Gender Equality in India Through Education and Empowerment of Girls. (I will be teaching at this girls’ school Pardada Pardadi in March.) The deadline for completion of this survey is 9 March 2016.  Our club will then submit our winning Nominations to the FAWCO Foundation.   For more information about the FAWCO Foundation:
Roxey Lau
For more information about the various organizations, please view the following document:

TFF DG ballot 2016

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