FAWCO News – JUNE 2016

What is FAWCO?

Founded in 1931, FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas) is a UN-accredited NGO (non-governmental organization) and umbrella organization for some 65 women’s clubs in 35 countries worldwide, with a total membership of around 12,000. Member clubs include American and international clubs such as ours. FAWCO seeks to improve the lives of women and girls worldwide, specifically in the areas of human rights, health, education, and the environment.

It contributes to the global community throught its Task Forces and FAWCO Foundation, which provides development grants and education awards. Since 1997, FAWCO has held special consultative status to the UN Economic and Social Council. In 2014-2015, its focus is on Free the Girls, a program for ending female trafficking and slavery and for empowering and supporting girls and women to rebuild their lives. As MIWC is a member of FAWCO, all members of MIWC are also FAWCO members. FAWCO says: everyone can make a difference; together we make change!

In order to get more detailed information on your area of interest, I would strongly urge you to visit:



In addition, you might want to:

  • subscribe to the FAWCO publications.
  • subscribe to UN Liaison Bulletin for regular updates on all of FAWCO’s UN NGO activities.

You must be personally registered to get access to a variety of member-only-access information.

An outstanding YouTube video entitled FAWCO in a Nutshell of 13 minutes in length prepared by Leslie Collingridge (2nd VP Member Clubs) that presents everything you’ve ever wanted to know about FAWCO but didn’t know what or how to ask!

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FAWCO Target Program 2016-2019

Education: Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills

The best way to find out everything you need/want to know about the Target Program is through the monthly Education Bulletin. Sign up today at www.fawco.org

The Summer 2016 issue of The Forum, FAWCO’s semi-annual news magazine, chock-full of exciting news and information, is now available for you to download at http://www.fawco.org.

Region 5 (Germany and Austria) Meeting in Berlin – 11-13 November 2016

Registration is now open. Check out the agenda and the pre-meeting activities, including a concert by Robin Goldsby, on http://www.awcberlin.org/event/fawco-regional-meeting/ Please consider joining us for this exciting event and meet the dynamic women of FAWCO working on the important global issues impacting us today and perhaps discover what your role in FAWCO might be.

Symposium on Human Trafficking & The FAWCO Experience

Registration are now well under way. Grace Reeves and I greatly look forward to attending both events.

The Symposium: Stand Up Against Human Trafficking, dedicated to the sustainable rescue of victims of human trafficking, will be held at the International Press Club of The Hague on 8-9 October.

For registration: www.fawco.org/symposium

The FAWCO Experience, on 6-7 October, is a special program (capped at 50 FAWCO members) that is a precursor to the Symposium. For information, agenda, and registration: http://www.fawco.org/the-fawco-experience

The US State Department has a list of 20 Ways You Can Help Fight Human Trafficking, many of which apply wherever you happen to live.

FAWCO Biennial Conference in Mumbai, India in March 2017

Important travel and tour information on the FAWCO website under „Upcoming Events“ will be posted in July so that you may start planning your trip!

The Rutgers 16 Days Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign — 25 November to 10 December 2016

The theme for 2016 will again be „From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All,“coinciding with FAWCO Target Project and in recognition of the dire situation for millions of girls and boys, young women and men, whose universal human right is daily impacted or cut short due to violence, lack of resources, child labor, and discrimination – all of which rob them of their freedom and future opportunities. More to follow.

Campaign for a Woman UN Secretary General

It’s high time we elected a woman with a history of standing up for gender justice who’s committed to a change agenda in line with the UN’s core values of human rights, equality, and justice. A record number of women candidates have been nominated. The Security Council will deliberate on the selection between July and October 2016, but the decision could come as early as September. Please sign and share the petition promoting the election of a woman SG at http://www.change org.

MIWC Proposal for FAWCO Target Project

MIWC has a long relationship with NEEED in Burkina Faso, thanks to our member Alex Koch. This led to a FAWCO Development Grant in 2007, the “Lambs Project”, sponsoring primary-school girls. When these girls began graduating from secondary school, the FAWCO Foundation sponsored university-level education for teachers, nurses and midwives in Burkina Faso. Now that FAWCO has chosen education as the theme of its next 4-year Target Project, during which time the FAWCO Foundation hopes to raise a minimum of $125,000 for a specific education-related proposal, MIWC’s FAWCO team (together with former Foundation president Melissa Mash) will sponsor NEEED’s application to be the recipient of these funds. The final decision will depend on a vote next January by all the member clubs in FAWCO, and the TARGET Project recipient will be announced at the FAWCO conference in Mumbai in March 2017. Keep your fingers crossed for NEEED!.

2017 Friendship Quilt – “Four Walls with Tomorrow Inside”

The theme has been chosen to honor the new FAWCO Target Program: Education and its focus, Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills. Roberta Zöllner has provided quilt instructions with permission from Jane Davidson at http://www.TheSplendidSampler.com. Quilt squares must be received by 10 October 2016. Direct your questions to Roberta — rl.zollner@gmx.net.

Financial Strategies for Americans Living Abroad

The Esquire Group is offering a series of informative webinars (FREE and conveniently scheduled at 7pm CET) from June through August to untangle and decipher what Americans overseas need to know to be in tax compliance. For more information on these webinars, go to: workshops@fawco.org

The 2016 US Election

With so much at stake at present, the 2016 US election is considered one of the most important of our lifetimes – one that affects the lives not only of Americans but of people all over the world. Make sure you exercise your rights and duties as a US citizen and cast your vote!

US citizens may register to vote through the FAWCO website as follows:


or go directly to US Vote Foundation


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