Charity Update: NEEED Project in Burkina Faso

Our new scholarship student Esther Dama started her studies at the Association NEEED in Ouahigouya this fall term.  Esther is attending a two year teacher training program to obtain her Certificat Elémentaire d’Aptitude Pédagogique (CEAP).  This certification will qualify Esther to start a career in teaching elementary school and allow her to follow her passion of taking care of young children on a permanent basis.


A native Burkinabè from the province of Kossi in the western region of Burkina Faso, Esther is 21 years of age, the daughter of a farmer and one of 10 children.

Esther and all the team of the NEEED Association send the members of the MIWC their sincere thanks and appreciation for the very generous and valuable support. 


Jane Romain

MIWC Charity 

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