MIWC Monthly Meeting on January 11, 2017

MIWC is delighted to welcome Tara McCartney as our first speaker of 2017.

Women in rural India face a multitude of issues which stand in the way of equality: a fiercely patriarchal society, high rates of sexual and domestic abuse, limited access to nutrition and preventive health measures, skewed gender population ratios, a manipulative dowry system and much more. While women’s empowerment projects are growing in the developing world including India, there is still a dearth of best practices and a comprehensive understanding of how to transform the status quo.

Tara McCartney is the Founder of the NGO, United for Hope, working in one of India’s most underdeveloped districts. In this talk she examines the daily reality of gender disparity in rural Northern India and looks at some of the approaches for understanding and improving the impact of women’s empowerment projects in these areas including the integration of men and a new paradigm of early education.


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