FAWCO Target Project – Please Vote!

Education – Empowering Women and Girls through Knowledge and Skills

The Target Project is a way for FAWCO members to make an actionable investment to empower women and girls through knowledge and skills. Through the support of The FAWCO Foundation we will employ the energy and generosity of our Member Clubs by fundraising for a single project supporting women’s and girls’ education. Of 18 Projects proposed, three have been chosen by the FAWCO Target Program Selection Committee as finalists for consideration. As a MIWC member you are a FAWCO member and have a vote!

Click here to cast your vote (Deadline Feb 13)

Please thoughtfully consider the three proposed projects and which one might have the greatest impact in on the lives of the women and girls.  Overview of the three projects are given below.

  • Beogo Neere, a project of the TuaRes Foundation


Who: Girls and their mothers in the Yagma slums of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

What and How: 80 girls will be provided access to quality education and wrap around support services to ensure success in school. Mothers will be trained in profitable income generating activities (IGAs), basic literacy, marketing and micro-finance. The local community will be engaged to promote girls education and project sustainability.

Budget: $124,600. 100% of funds will be invested in direct services: educational support; IT training; employment skills; health and life skills. Please click here for the full project proposal.

  • Educating and Empowering Refugee Women and Girls in Jordan, a project of the Collateral Repair Project


Who: Refugee women and girls in Amman, Jordan

What and How: Enroll 200 new girls in school and 120 girls in after school programs . 180 women will receive computer skills or vocational training. 160 women and 160 men will receive women’s empowerment and gender-based violence training; 15 women and 5 men continue on to complete training to become trainers themselves. 40 women and 20 men, along with 30 youth, receive leadership training.

Budget: $124,498. 90% of funding will go to direct services: educational support; health and life skills; technical training; empowerment programs. 10% of funding will go to CRP’s administrative costs, for project implementation. Please click here for the full project proposal.

  • Threading the Future, a project of the Stahili Foundation


Who: Female heads-of-households in rural Muranga County, Kenya

What and How: 62 women will receive vocational training in tailoring and business skills. A community center for women and girls will be established. 600 school uniforms will be made or repaired for vulnerable children, particularly girls. Graduates will form a Women’s Committee to support new students and engage the community.

Budget: $110,900. 100% of funds will be invested at the project level and will finance the entirety of the project: capital investment in equipment; materials; vocational and business skills training; support services. Please click here for the full project proposal.

Please Note:  The deadline to vote on this Survey is February 13.  Each FAWCO club gets one vote, so votes from this poll will be tallied and our MIWC “winner” will be submitted on behalf of our club  Your time and attention to this important vote are appreciated. 

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