MIWC Monthly Meeting March 8, 2017

Karin Rahn will join us on Wednesday, March 8th to talk about Diakonia, a non-profit organization which was founded to provide work for disabled or long-term unemployed persons who have multiple integration barriers and thus little chance of placement on the primary or secondary labour market. Diakonia supports their re-integration into the workforce with low-threshold offers ranging from domestic services for child care facilities, painters, assorting clothing, to logistics and sales positions in the seven second hand stores in Munich.

In addition, Diakonia provides consulting for unemployed persons at the Munich Center for Unemployed Persons, low-threshold social counseling for persons in severe financial situations as well as manage three clothing-stores in which refugees and all citizens of Munich with a low income or pension supply themselves with free clothing and hygiene products. This work is possible thanks to those volunteers in the clothing-stores as well as in the unemployment centers.

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