Welcome MIWC Alumnae! Have you left Bavaria but would still like to keep in touch with the MIWC? Well, now you can!

If you have paid your membership fee in full the year before leaving Bavaria you may become an alumna for the annual fee of €10. For this you can maintain access to the MIWC website and keep in touch with current members and other Alumnae. Maybe you just want to know what we’re up to every month or maybe you’ve moved to another city and are looking to find another MIWC Alumnae member who might be living near you.

If you come back to Munich to visit, you are automatically invited to any activity you would like to attend.

For MIWC Alumnae payments contact the Treasurer

Submit your request to change your status to the Website Administrator, although we do ask that you change your details in the membership database yourself.


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